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We're so grateful that we've been able to survive during this COVID-19 outbreak, thanks to our loyal fans and amazing team. Every little bit counts so we thought we'd leave this here for anyone who wants to help us keep making music. Much love, Ben and Jeremy.

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The Beamish Brothers Nature Single Launch Show

Live from our home studio


We were so gutted that we're not able to tour our new single, Nature, so we're putting on a concert from our home in celebration of the launch! We're putting in the time to learn a whole bunch of new repertoire we've been writing during quarantine as well as our tracks from Brutalism.

The online concert will be free with the option to donate to us. We felt it would be dishonest to charge you guys for something we'd want to do anyway, so we're leaving the option to pay up to you guys. On 7:30pm Brisbane time our show will be premiering on our YouTube channel, and we'll be right there with you commenting and chatting about the new music and answering any questions you may have.

We can't wait to perform for you all and give you everyone around the world the ability to see us "live". Make sure you tune in as the video won't be staying on our channel!

By donation only :)



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Every T-shirt comes with a free song download :)

Black Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt.

Artwork designed by Jeremy Beamish, influenced by the theme of the brothers' song, 'Nostalgia'.

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The four track EP deals with complex issues such as abusive relationships, what it means to be a good person and reminiscing on times long past, mellowed with soothing velvety vocals. And sometimes, even a flute.”

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Management: peachesmgmt@gmail.com


The Beamish Brothers recent release ‘Kills Me Every Time’ is a silky fusion of guitar, alt-pop sounds and smooth vocals. The brothers have taken a minimalist approach to their latest song; stripping back to hero the guitar and the boys’ honeyed vocals, incorporating an electro-pop sound only when necessary. ‘Kills Me Every Time’ shows a shift in the duo’s musical stylings as they hone in on a maturing signature sound, a fitting follow-up after changing their name from The Beamish Boys to Brothers.”

— India Marx

We can expect big things in the future from the up and coming duo, as The Beamish Brothers newfound identity will bring a year packed with purpose-filled songs and exciting new projects, all quickly approaching!”


The duo’s synergy is apparent through their attention to and delivery of flawless, celestial harmonies. The pair strike an endearing contrast, aligning elements of fragility with more raw, fiery vocals. Their smooth, minimalistic guitar sound serves as the perfect tool to illuminate their dominant construction of harmonies.”

— Artist 1 on 1

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